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Moonriver Affiliate Partners

We are so proud of the offer we make to our customers, we'd like to give you an opportunity to spread the word and benefit from it as well. The Moonriver Affiliate Program is open to anyone that signs with a customer account. We don't discriminate against anybody willing to spread the word of Moonriver's professional grade products at unbeatable prices. Our Affiliate partners receive 10% of all sales referred through their own personal Moonriver link. We also provide another great tool to help you earn commissions by giving your customers 10% off their order. The combination of our product value with even lower prices will give you the greatest potential to earn more.

Moonriver Affiliates Receive:
•  A personal URL to register affiliate sales.
•  10% Commission on all purchases made by new and returning customers.
•  10% Discount for their customers to encourage greater sales and more earnings.
•  Real-Time Reports so you can track your progress.
•  Convenient and attractive Banner ads to place on your website or social platforms.
•  1-Button Withdrawal to your Paypal account ($50 minimum).

Ways to maximize your commissions:
•  Build an established website with beauty related content.
•  Create demo videos with our products on Youtube, include your affiliate link in the description.
•  Share your purchases on Facebook and encourage your family and friends to give our products a try.
•  A simple Twitter post giving your followers 10% off our entire catalog.

The more quality your website's content is, the more traffic it will produce and the more commissions you will earn!

Before you get started, please read the Moonriver Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions. We cant wait to get you started. Click below and lets start our partnership today. Good luck and good selling!