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About Moonriver Beauty

Our Motto: "Professional quality for Professional Beauty" is our promise to you. One our company passionately pursues on our entire line.

Moonriver Beauty got started out of a personal desire for top quality beauty products within a budget. Many other products out there have large expenses to cover, forcing them to lower quality or raise prices. Here at Moonriver we are able to provide both professional quality and low prices because of our "Customer First" business model.

Natural Eye brushes

From start to finish, Moonriver delivers upon this promise, determined to raise the standard and help you look beautiful.

Colorful Tweezers

On each of our products, we've spent a lot of time testing and choosing the best materials for you. We want our brushes to feel like a natural extension to your hands. Comfortable to use every time you pick it up. The bristles are choosen for outstanding performance with each style type. Whether you are looking to make the smoothest fades or the finest lines, you can be confident the Moonriver brush you choose can handle the job.

On top of our commitment to quality, we are committed to our customers, both amateurs or professionals. This starts with our "30 day Satisfaction Guarantee." For any reason you choose to not keep it, just contact us and we will make it right. We also are offering Free Shipping on our entire catalog so go ahead, give us a try. We are confident you will be satisfied with your order.

Moonriver is a collection of beauty artists and experts in quality product development. We all focus on our strengths and combine forces to continue to improve our products and find ways to always make it a great value.

So if you are looking for premium supplies without paying for the extras, we welcome you to try our products risk free. We expect you will be pleasantly surprised that quality doesnt always mean costly.


To all of you, from all of us at Moonriver Beauty - Thank you and Happy shopping!